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How to Refresh Your Spiritual Connection to Nature

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/25/17

Have you ever stepped outside to get a “breath of fresh air?”

You may think that what you’re doing is literal; going outside to breathe in the fresh air. But there’s a much deeper connection to the outdoors that our bodies are desperate to access. This is why we find so much solitude in the outdoors.

To break away from the stresses of our busy and everyday lives, many like to retreat to nature to reconnect with themselves and clear their minds. However, when we attempt to find a deeper and more spiritual meaning to life, what we’re really doing is asking our inner monologue a different type of question.

Science asks, “How am I?”

Spirituality asks, “Who am I?”

These two mindsets are supposed to work together. When your soul is in crisis and you need to strengthen your spiritual connection, clearing yourself from stress and centering your focus will bring these two mindsets back into balance.

Since we are so immersed into a scientific and stressful culture, your spiritual connection to the Earth may be broken easily. What many do not realize is that if you strengthen your spiritual connection to nature, your scientific connection to life will have more meaning as well.

Here are some ways to reconnect your spiritual relationship with nature, grounding your strength of character and sense of self.

Leave your shoes at home and walk through nature barefoot. Feeling the grass and absorbing the natural minerals from the earth will give an instant and tangible connection.

Listen to silence. Observe what is going on around you and take it all in. Imagine where the sounds are coming from and what they could mean. Remember that you are never alone.

Communicate with the nature around you. While observing nature, listening to it’s calls and finding your place inside of it, try to find ways that nature speaks to you and how you can use these observations in your life. Take weeds for example; they are stubborn, and although they are attacked and discarded often, they try with all of their might to grow again against all odds. While weeds are typically cumbersome, there are lessons here that you can take to your everyday life.

Always strive to make your presence known, as nature always does.

This takes practice, but it is worth the lessons rewarded in the end.

Have your recently connected with nature? Did you discover a new sense of spirituality through nature’s gifts? Tweet your experiences to me @ReadingsByRonn, and share your wealth of knowledge with others.

A New Theme: Trusting Yourself

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/25/17

July brings unique challenges. We’ve reached a halfway point in the year and are now on the path towards the latter half. Summer introduces a desire to retreat to the outdoors and spend time with families despite our busy schedules.

And, July brings out the emotional Cancer inside all of us.

Typically, Cancers (the astrological sign of those born between June 22nd and July 22nd) are considered to be intensely emotional creatures. Mood swings, deepened sense of empathy, and strong opinions covered in indecision makes Cancers a difficult personality to capture. When July comes around, however, the Cancer sign reigns supreme, and can leave other signs feeling the same emotions that Cancers experience on a daily basis.

This can cause our spiritual alignment to be off centered and make us question our decisions. Because of this phenomenon, it’s important to introduce a new theme into your life during this turning point in the year:

Trust yourself.

Forgive yourself. Start a new journey. Take your lessons with you, but, ultimately, trust yourself.

Your emotions will be heightened at different times throughout the year, and your astrological sign may be feeling a bit lost in the shuffle. Remember to keep yourself grounded to who you really are and the decisions will come naturally to you. You’ll be able to fight off any mood swings and find new paths to take to calm your busy mind during these summer months and start fresh on a new perspective or project.

It’s important to also remember that in order to trust anyone else, especially at times of heightened emotions, you first need to know how to trust yourself.

“Being kind to yourself increases self-confidence and lessens your need for approval.” - Cynthia Wall, psychotherapist

Find the confidence inside of yourself and be proud of who you are. You may just be able to fight off the emotional stresses from Cancer’s part of your journey, and open yourself up to sunny, dominant, and fiery Leo in the weeks to come.

Exploring Salt Cave Yoga

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 06/29/17

Are you a practicing yogi looking to find the next great health adventure? It’s easy to fall into our day to day routines, so discovering new trends to awaken our minds and bodies is key to leading a fulfilled life.

We all know the benefits of yoga: it’s an excellent stress reliever, it helps us achieve mental clarity. It’s also great at regulating our breath.

Taking yoga to the next level might be easier than you think. We’ve all seen the trending  himalayan salt lamps, but did you know that salt room therapy can be a great way to relax and recharge?

Halotherapy 101

Salt therapy revolves around breathing in salt vapors within the air to improve bodily functions. It’s no surprise that with such powerful and pleasant benefits that these two practices have crossed paths to create a new therapy for mental and physical cleansing, called Halotherapy.

Originally popular in Europe, Halotherapy has made its way across the pond, creating a demand for salt caves all across The United States. The rise of salt caves and rumors of their extraordinary benefits have intrigued many, especially those who are seeking physical enlightenment.

Combining the powerful practices within various types of yoga with the environment of a salt cave can have surreal benefits.

I’ve illustrated a few of those benefits below. The theory behind the combination of these cleansing activities is to feed the benefits of one off of the other, creating a cycle of enlightenment that can leave the body feeling rejuvenated, healthy, and strong.

By entering a this space and breathing in the salt atmosphere, the deep breathing and concentration required for yoga can reach it’s maximum results.

The calming, soothing, and buzzing energy that cultivates within a salt cave is a near perfect environment for yoga, as is explained in this article by Yoga Basics.

Gimmicks all over the world will over promise health benefits, however, halotherapy has strongly proven not to be one of them.

Long standing Yogi’s and newcomers alike have experienced the release of cold symptoms immediately at the start of a session. Others have attributed deeper and more regulated breathing, with the expansion of the diaphragm and lungs.

If you are looking for a new exercise that will allow you to meditate, rid your body of harmful toxins, and open your lungs and sinuses for better breathing techniques, halotherapy will fulfill your needs. Any practice that combines concentration, healing, and enlightenment on a spiritual and physical level is sure to be beneficial in at least a small capacity.

Have you tried this therapy before? If so, tweet your experiences to me @ReadingsByRonn.

Reflecting on the Mercury Retrograde This Spring

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 05/01/17

April has had its fair share of retrogrades (Venus and Mercury) and it is important that we take the time in May to reflect. While we have survived and learned a lot about our emotional well being during this time in April, we are not fully out of the woods yet. 

As we approach this transitional phase or sometimes known as "shadow periods," keeping an open mind about emotional health and personal growth is an essential way to come out of this. Taking the time to reflect and move forward can be quite painful for many. 

Keep in mind that this shadow period is in fact a learning opportunity. Shedding light on problems that you have put on the back burner for awhile is key during this time. In other words, this is the time to rehash a problem or having a difficult conversation. 

Taking everything slowly and not rushing into anything you are not 100% comfortable with is absolutely essential. Protect yourself from Mercury's targets and stay the course until May 20th. Mercury will return mid-August for its quarterly retrograde. 

Spiritual Healing for Cancer this April

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 03/31/17

While it has been a rough ride for you the past couple of months, you have accomplished a lot and should celebrate what you have achieved recently. These have been struggles that have been really affecting your subconscious and day to day mental health.  But, the time to celebrate and find yourself once more is here again.

Along with celebrating with friends and family, also make this a time to rekindle certain interests/projects you have been putting on hold for awhile. In other words, celebrate yourself by improving other areas in your life other than work and personal connections.

However, you are still on the verge of completing a very difficult task. This has become a true challenge partially because you are exhausted and worn out from everything you have accomplished. It is essential that you push through this passivity and disengagement in order to rise up for the challenge.

As you move forward in the month, remember to stay humble and not make bold moves when it comes to displaying your success. Continue to work on yourself and how to maximize the dream you have yearning for instead of gloating to others.