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Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for a Cancer

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 06/19/19

Those with a Sun sign in Cancer are born between June 21 and July 22. Cancer is a Water sign that is ruled by the Moon.

Cancers are dynamic and contradictory. Don’t let their rampant energy fool you; they are also full of love and kindness. Cancer signs are trustworthy friends, passionate lovers, and realistic individuals. They are also prone to fluctuation and feelings of instability.

Balancing your Cancerian energy is no easy task. Below are a few gemstones that can help Cancers manage their emotions and attain peace.


Connected to the Moon, Cancers should naturally be drawn to the moonstone. This beautiful stone can help encourage self-reflection and intuition. For the emotional Cancer, this stone can supply a needed outlet for introspection.

Rose Quartz

As kindhearted individuals, Cancers are often found to wear their hearts on their sleeves. This stone is soothing and encourages self-love in addition to the love that tends to radiate out from Cancers. Rose quartz can be used as an amplifier for Cancers’ love.


As one of the conventional birthstones of July, rubies are well known to be associated with Cancer, but they can provide a host of benefits, as well. For Cancers craving stability, rubies can help ground them. Like Cancers, rubies are dynamic; also associated with passion and ambition, rubies can help Cancers follow their hearts and achieve their dreams.

Abalone Shell

As a water sign, Cancer moves like the tide through thoughts and patterns. Abalone shell can help connect Cancers not only to their own emotions but to the emotions of others. This shell promotes open, clear communication between parties, as well as the sharing of emotions and thoughts.


Cancers have a reputation for being sensitive, and while this trait is not a negative one, some individuals find that their emotional reactions actually hold them back. Chrysocolla can help combat this problematic hypersensitivity by desensitizing the Cancer to emotional situations and helping to diffuse existing ones. This stone also promotes healing from the past and moving toward a more positive future.

Agatized Coral

Another connection to the sea agatized coral anchors Cancers and provides additional stability. This stone fosters strength and healing.

Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for a Gemini

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 06/06/19

Geminis are those born between May 21st and June 20th. This sign is characterized by the symbol of twins. Their element is air and they’re ruled by Mercury.

The quick-witted Gemini is a dynamic thinker who is skilled at reading a room and adapting accordingly. They are great communicators and givers of advice, but some aspects of communication may be a challenge.

Here are a handful of gemstones and crystals that can help balance the energy of a Gemini, helping to enhance their natural gifts while overcoming obstacles.


The “twins” often pull a Gemini’s thoughts in different directions, so you never know which personality will win. Chrysocolla helps calm that duality and enhance positive energy to utilize the best of both sides.


Of all the prosperity stones, many claim that Serpentine is the best for Geminis. It can be useful for cultivating abundance and healing.

Tigers Eye

A Gemini can be known for being set in their ways. Tigers Eye can balance energy, helping Geminis to overcome their stubbornness.


Geminis are great at communicating advice, but thoughts can sometimes get stuck in their heads. Apatite can aid in clarity of the mind, making it easier for those thoughts to manifest as words


As an airy sign, Geminis can benefit from a stone that brings them back down to solid ground. Agate can bring stability and balance to everyday life.


A Gemini may lean toward distress and depression with so many thoughts bouncing through their heads. Chrysoprase is known to heal heartache and loneliness.

Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for a Taurus

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 05/08/19

psychic readings by ronn michigan taurus

Those born between April 20th and May 20th are members of the Taurus zodiac sign. Taureans are ruled by Venus and represented by the bull.

Those born in Taurus season came to this Earth when the weather was getting warmer and the struggles of winter were being lifted. This is why Taureans are often full of life, gratitude, and calmness.

Here are a few gemstones and crystals that can help enhance the good Taurus energy and balance the weaknesses.

Rutilated Quartz

This crystal is often used as an amplifier, being able to help you harness and enhance any energy. Because the Taurus energy is naturally so warm and happy, this is a great option.


Spiritual energy may be blocked while the sun is in Taurus. Selenite can help guide that spirituality through vibrations, acting as a much-needed conductor.

Blue Tourmaline

Taureans are sometimes known to be hindered by their stubbornness. Blue Tourmaline can help broaden the mind of a Taurus so they can see the great opportunities that lie beyond their current perspective.


The gentle energy of Rhodonite helps enhance the compassionate abilities of a Taurus. It can help a person become more loving towards themselves and others.


The hard, strong Jade crystal is known for protection. It is a great asset for Taureans who are usually known for being “down to Earth.”


Malachite is one of the only stones that can activate all chakras. Its stress-relieving powers help balance thoughts.

Aries: Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 04/03/19

Those born between March 21st and April 19th are members of the Aries sign. Their element is fire and they are ruled by Mars.

This sign is represented by the Ram. Arians have no problem forging their own path, asserting themselves, and being independent.

They are marked by their passion, high energy, enthusiasm and courage. Members of the Aries sign are natural leaders who thrive when taking on a new challenge.

As with anyone, there are areas many Aries can improve upon. For example, they tend to be impatient, short-tempered and overly impulsive.

Wearing or meditating with the following gemstones and crystals can balance Arian energy, helping them to harness the best of themselves.

Red Jasper

The vibrant Aries energy can sometimes make it hard to find a clear path, suffering from tunnel vision. By utilizing Red Jasper, it’s easier to think before taking action, helping an Aries to follow through with their dreams.


For someone who needs balance and a revitalized inner spirit, Sardonyx is the perfect gemstone for the job, especially when programmed with the lower chakras.


Arians often have trouble with commitment and dedication. As the stone of passion and new opportunities, Garnet can empower an Aries both physically and mentally to revitalize interest.

Rose Quartz

The enthusiastic Aries may sometimes need help finding peace and tranquility. Rose Quartz can help open the heart to unconditional love and uplift the spirit.

Green Aventurine

Arians have no trouble driving accomplishments. Green Aventurine is a stone that takes that energy and amplifies it, leading to success with an open mind and stable base.  

Apache Tears

The fiery spirit of an Aries sometimes needs to be brought down to Earth. Apache Tears balances the root chakra and helps to balance passion and drive with reality.

If any other gemstones or crystals speak to you, try them out too! Every individual is impacted differently, so there’s no harm in personalizing your collection to suit your needs.

Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for a Pisces

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 03/06/19

Those born between February 19th and March 20th are members of the Pisces sign.

Pisces is a water sign, ruled by Neptune, which allows for boundless exploration into dreams and creative thoughts.

Pisces is represented by the image of two fish swimming in opposite directions. This corresponds with a Pisces’ tendency to be divided between fantasy and reality.

A Pisces’ compassionate gentle nature can sometimes leave them vulnerable to putting too much trust in others. They may also find themselves wanting to escape from the realities of daily life.

To ease life’s burdens and minimize harmful energy, here are a handful of gemstones and crystals that are recommended for members of the Pisces sign.


Aquamarine is the power stone for a Pisces. It helps to bring tranquil, calming energy to the often anxious Pisces. (Aquamarine’s healing powers are thought to originate from a mermaid’s treasure chest!)

Tiger’s Eye

Problems cannot be solved through avoidance. Sometimes a Pisces needs a push to stand up for themselves and harness their inner warrior. The Tiger’s Eye Touchstone is the perfect stone to enhance that dynamically active energy.


Many Pisces find that they are especially prone to becoming overwhelmed. Bloodstone provides grounding energy that balances emotion and brings thoughts back to reality.


Even those who aren’t naturally attuned to heightened intuition can use Iolite to help them listen to the world around them.


Traditionally speaking, Pisces is a sensitive sign. Amethyst offers spiritual protection during trying times, which can be helpful for all water energy signs, especially Pisces.


When a Pisces feels that they are stuck in the past and unable to move on, meditation with Jade can provide the necessary stability for forward thinking.

If you know a Pisces who could use some positive energy and healing, these gemstones and crystals would be a very thoughtful gift at any time throughout the year.