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What Color Is Your Aura? And What Does It Mean?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 12/05/17

Psychic Readings By Ronn What Color Is Your Aura

Auras Never Lie

People can hide many things about themselves, but the color of their aura is not one of them. How you feel, what you think, and even what you dream about are clearly reflected in auras. Keep in mind the intensity of a color can vary, so it's important to consider the exact shade when evaluating your aura if you want to be precise. Multiple colors in an aura aren't unusual but one of them will typically dominate the others.

Aura Colors and What They Mean

Each color and shade of an aura has a different meaning. Your aura is directly tied to the events going on in your life and how your body’s energy is responding to them. They can also be indicators of illness or healing. Here, we’ll go through each color family to learn more about what each color means.


A black aura means you have negativity within you that you need to let go. It could also indicate disease or a health issue. This has been considered an excellent early warning sign to get to a healer as soon as possible.

Other dark colors may indicate blocked energy sources inside your body that need to be tended to.

Having a gray aura also can signal blocked energy fields and that you lack the ability to trust.

White auras show freshness, goodness and purity. People of faith on the verge of passing from this world to the next often have white auras.



Bright orange auras represent good health and a zest for life. However, extremely bright shades of orange can occur when someone is attempting to conquer an addiction or move past emotional issues that are bringing them down, requiring a lot of energy.

Orange-red auras indicate healthy personal strength and confidence.

Those with an orange-yellow aura tend to have a scientific mind with the soul of a perfectionist. This aura revels in mentally challenging, detailed work.


Yellow auras can be tied to the spleen and to your energy level. They can also be an indication of the state of your "chi."

Bright yellow indicates spiritual inspiration or an awakening. This color is associated with cheerful people who often act on their thoughts instead of letting them sit and stagnate.

Dark yellow with tinges of brown shades are generally found among students that feel an urgency to achieve their goals and do well at any cost. Learning isn't a joy for them anymore and becomes more of a duty.

Lemon yellow represents fear of loss over emotional as well as material things.

Pale yellow usually indicates a recent spiritual experience or that you've found latent psychic abilities within yourself. This brings a renewed excitement for life in general and makes the future appear so much brighter.



Red auras can be misinterpreted if the exact shade and intensity isn’t recognized. There are several types of red auras, and the meanings behind them span across the entire emotional spectrum. Red is a very powerful color to find in your aura, and it can either be positive or negative. Since red represents blood, it can either attract, or repel negative energies.

Dark red is the color of a survivor that has both feet planted firmly on the ground and the ability to make it through any circumstance, no matter how extreme.


Brilliant red indicates a competitive nature as well as passion and energy.

Clouded red is very negative and represents anger that you need to let go of.

Pink means you tend to be a loving, sensual person who enjoys life's finer things. Psychically gifted, beautiful people are often found to have pink auras.

Dark pink is very negative. This color is associated with people who can't be trusted and show a tendency towards immaturity.



Blue is tied to the throat and thyroid. This color tends to be intuitive and loves helping others. You tend to keep your head in a crises and others know they can depend on you.

Royal blue indicates spiritual intuitiveness or clairvoyance. This would mean you have a spirit generous towards others and aren't afraid to try new things.

Dark or cloudy blue means you have a hard time trusting the future and refuse to face truth if it interferes with your ability to take control.

Light blue is associated with truth and serenity as well as skill in communication with others.



Green is tied to the heart and nature. This color is most often associated with those who work to improve the lot of others.

Forest green is for natural healers tied to nature and the use of herbs for healing purposes.

Yellow-green is for communicators such as sales people, writers, musicians or actors.

Dark or cloudy green is indicative of extreme jealousy and resentment. This color refuses to acknowledge responsibility for decisions or consequences of their actions.

Turquoise is the color of powerful healing. If your doctor, healer or counselor doesn't show this color aura it may be best to choose one that does.


Purple hues are tied to the pituitary and pineal glands as well as the nervous system.

Violet is the color of a true visionary that believes the world can change with enough spiritual love.

Indigo's are thought of as wise, able to see into other world or realities.



Silver and gold is considered extremely positive and spiritual.

In many cultures, silver is the color of currency, or money. Because of this, physical and spiritual wealth are typically associated with bright, shiny silver auras.

Gold indicates that you have celestial beings watching over you and that you are being encouraged to reach out for all that life offers.

Dark or murky brown auras typically indicate a hold on to personal power beyond all sense or reason. People with this aura tend to be afraid of sharing themselves with others.


Rainbow auras are most often associated with healers who specialize in the body's energy fields. Spiritually, those with this aura are thought to be highly evolved and tuned in to the fifth dimension, which experts say is actually the heavens.

Recognizing Your Color Can Help Re-Shape Your Life

Knowing what your aura color means provides understanding and can bring order to chaos. Those emotions, thoughts or memories you had hidden and buried lose their power to hold you back once you recognize them for what they are. With dedication and patience, you can change the color of your aura from not so good, to excellent.

Finding Your Root Chakra

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 09/20/17

We all crave to feel more comfortable in our skin. We read self-help books and exercise and search for answers at every turn to find that feeling of wholeness. While the items listed above mark great places to start, the answers are really inside of us at all times.

Where To Turn

Many have explored this deep, inward reflection and have turned to practices found within Buddhist and Hindu religions which require you to recognize your chakras. There are 7 types of chakras inside all of us. Where you need to start, however, is with your root chakra; also known as Muladhara.

Molding The Muladhara

The Muladhara - the root chakra - is the first chakra in the series of 7. By taking care of our root chakra, we will feel security, a sense of being grounded, and will feel a foundational support for living our lives mentally and physically. The root chakra is where you ask your most fragile questions surrounding survival, health, and safety.

When the first chakra is imbalanced, your body may experience the following:





Restoring your chakra will give you control over your health, wellness and happiness, all by learning how to work with energy.

Finding Peace Within Yourself

The best way to speak to your chakra and nurture it’s power is to meditate. As the root chakra is located near the pelvis and bottom of your spine, you will want visualize your energy towards this area. Visualization of feeling grounded, connected with the earth, and steadying your core is crucial to fixing the disturbance.

An exercise from MindBodyGreen.com gives a great example of how to visualize and meditate through this process:

“Come into your meditation seat in sukhasana or whatever pose allows you to lengthen your spine comfortably. Close the eyes and rest the hands, palms down, on the lap. Inhale, visualize drawing your breath into the base of your spine at your root. Allow the breath to travel up the spine to the space between the brows. Exhale, send the breath back down to the root and visualize it binding you down, even via roots growing into the Earth.”

To learn more about the root chakra and how to regain control over the balances within your body, stay tuned to my blog for more.

A New Theme: Gaining Stability In September

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 09/20/17

The recent solar eclipse had a heavy effect this September.

With a new moon on the horizon, a solar eclipse on the same day, and the even happening late in Leo’s cycle, it wasn’t difficult to feel uneasy and anxious. When many elements like this occur at the same time, our energy, bodies, and minds can be looking for some stability.

September is a wonderful time to regroup as we head into the Fall season - and there are deeper reasons other than constant advertisements for kids going back to school, making us relive our own sense of preparation during this time of the year when we were young.

During the month of September, three astrological signs have a spotlight on them. These three signs are Leo, Virgo, and Libra. All bring different essential qualities and variations in personality, but during this time of their pairing, new themes will be brought to life that tie them all together.

As Leo, Virgo, and Libra signs connect, feelings of personal reflection and relationship building focuses will be highlighted.

To focus on personal reflection and to strengthen relationships, there are many practices that you can follow. Meditation is always essential to feeling clear, and some meditation tips for finding your root chakra can help as you move through the month.

I recently blogged about the practice of finding your root chakra, which you can access here.

Heading into the Fall and Winter months, your energy will also want to shift towards leaving painful elements behind, finding your stability, and moving forward in new adjustments both personally and with others. It’s natural that our bodies want to find stability during this time as the Summer months are much more carefree in spirit. Fall and Winter ground us simply due to weather elements on earth, but it also gives us a chance to work on our disrupted energies.

Moving forward in September, the key will be to recognize what your energies are telling you and to pursue the chance to stabilize any areas that have been effected. If you feel that you have issues within your relationships, there is a cosmic reason why.

And when the cosmos are involved, it is always wise to listen.

How Will The Eclipse Affect Our Moods?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 08/21/17

An eclipse of the sun is not merely something one witnesses. It is an immersive experience that strongly affects our moods. This is particularly evident during the total phase of the eclipse, but the partial phases of an eclipse can also have a strong impact on our mood. In fact, solar eclipses have had strong significance in many ancient spiritual traditions. Here are some impacts that solar eclipses can have on our moods:


As the eclipse approaches totality, the landscape begins to become very different than usual. Shadows begin to have a strange and crescent-like appearance, and the lighting begins to get dimmer. As the landscape begins to change, people tend to experience feelings of excitement.

The sky begins to get extremely dark. The sun is eventually completely blocked by the moon, and this is one of the most dramatic sights to witness. During this time, the excitement builds to a sense of awe.

A Feeling Of Change

Some people feel that the eclipse is able to create feelings of profound change. This is particularly true for those who experience totality. This is even reflected in the depictions of solar eclipses in movies, and eclipses are typically portrayed as occurring during times of significant change.


During the time that the sun becomes completely blotted out by the sun, it can be a bit unsettling. This is true even when an individual is aware that the eclipse is going to occur. The rapid darkening shows us that something as basic as the sun being out during the day is subject to change.


The feeling of fascination tends to be the most powerful during the total phase of the eclipse. While the appearance of the shadows on the ground (and the sun itself through a solar filter) is incredibly fascinating during the partial phase of the eclipse, the total phase of the eclipse shows us a glimpse at the outermost layer of the sun (the corona). This layer of the sun is invisible under normal conditions, and being able to see this new part of the sun creates a sense of indescribable fascination.

A Sense Of Being Alive

A total eclipse brings a certain sense of being fully alive in a way that people don't ordinarily get to feel. Many people feel that this is the most powerful emotion that is triggered by the eclipse.

Strong Presence In The Moment:

This is particularly true at the moment of totality. At this point, one has a strong sense of time slowing down.

When experiencing the eclipse today, be safe, wear your protective eye gear, and allow your body and mind to take in all that nature is sending to you in that moment.

How to Refresh Your Spiritual Connection to Nature

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/25/17

Have you ever stepped outside to get a “breath of fresh air?”

You may think that what you’re doing is literal; going outside to breathe in the fresh air. But there’s a much deeper connection to the outdoors that our bodies are desperate to access. This is why we find so much solitude in the outdoors.

To break away from the stresses of our busy and everyday lives, many like to retreat to nature to reconnect with themselves and clear their minds. However, when we attempt to find a deeper and more spiritual meaning to life, what we’re really doing is asking our inner monologue a different type of question.

Science asks, “How am I?”

Spirituality asks, “Who am I?”

These two mindsets are supposed to work together. When your soul is in crisis and you need to strengthen your spiritual connection, clearing yourself from stress and centering your focus will bring these two mindsets back into balance.

Since we are so immersed into a scientific and stressful culture, your spiritual connection to the Earth may be broken easily. What many do not realize is that if you strengthen your spiritual connection to nature, your scientific connection to life will have more meaning as well.

Here are some ways to reconnect your spiritual relationship with nature, grounding your strength of character and sense of self.

Leave your shoes at home and walk through nature barefoot. Feeling the grass and absorbing the natural minerals from the earth will give an instant and tangible connection.

Listen to silence. Observe what is going on around you and take it all in. Imagine where the sounds are coming from and what they could mean. Remember that you are never alone.

Communicate with the nature around you. While observing nature, listening to it’s calls and finding your place inside of it, try to find ways that nature speaks to you and how you can use these observations in your life. Take weeds for example; they are stubborn, and although they are attacked and discarded often, they try with all of their might to grow again against all odds. While weeds are typically cumbersome, there are lessons here that you can take to your everyday life.

Always strive to make your presence known, as nature always does.

This takes practice, but it is worth the lessons rewarded in the end.

Have your recently connected with nature? Did you discover a new sense of spirituality through nature’s gifts? Tweet your experiences to me @ReadingsByRonn, and share your wealth of knowledge with others.