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What Does It Mean to Be A Fire Sign?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 09/04/20

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Much like Air and Earth signs, Fire signs are comparable to their namesake, with their unparalleled emotional intensity and wild sides. Of the elemental signs, Fire signs are the most difficult to pin down, but they tend to share common traits like passion and creativity with one another.


A defining trait of most Fire signs is that of passion. Much like the element of fire, Fire signs burn bright with excitement and enthusiasm, notably when they are dealing with something that interests or inspires them. Along with this passionate disposition comes a tendency to come across as large-than-life with intimidating yet enticing outbursts that reflect their passions.


Another common trait among Fire signs is their superior instincts. Detecting opportunity as well as danger is natural for Fire signs; while their instincts may lead them astray from time to time, they are usually spot-on and will guide Fire signs in the right directions.


Fire may have a reputation for being bright and destructive, but another crucial aspect of the element is the warmth and security it provides. In a similar way, Fire signs tend to be incredibly  compassionate and caring. They will often go out of their ways to make their loved ones happy, and in turn, those they care about tend to feel safe and content when around their Fire sign friends.


One thing that most, if not all, Fire signs value is independence. Because they are so self-driven and guided by their passions, Fire signs loathe the idea of being told what to do, and being micromanaged in any environment can result in irritation or detachment as a result. Fire signs will reject certain styles of leadership and relationships because of a clash of personality or the perceived infringement of their freedoms; when working with a Fire sign, it is often best to trust them and leave them to their own devices rather than stick a hand directly into the flames, so to speak.

Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

While Fire signs tend to share the traits described here, each sign also possesses its own idiosyncrasies. Individuals with their sun in Aries, the cardinal zodiac sign, tend to be more assertive, even aggressive, and combative than their fiery counterparts. They also resist backing down and are the true go-getters of the zodiac.

Comparatively, Leos are often more creative than the other Fire signs, but they are also rock-steady in their beliefs and values. Leos typically possess a more artistic or romantic perspective of life.

While those who claim Sagittarius as their Sun sign certainly share the passion and drive of the other Fire signs, they are considerably less rigid in their goals and interests. These individuals aspire to experience new things, expand their horizons, and follow whatever opportunistic path opens up to them.

What Does It Mean to Be An Earth Sign?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/29/20

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While we highlighted the unique, free-spirited nature of Air signs last month, now we turn to their opposite: the Earth signs. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo make up the Earth signs, and though each sign possesses unique traits, they are connected through some shared features and values.

Grounded & Stable

As the title might suggest, Earth signs are generally grounded, stable, and level-headed individuals. Individuals who are Earth signs tend to prioritize safety and security over thrill, so they are often opposed to risky, impulsive behavior. That is not to say that Earth signs cannot be spontaneous, just that they prefer to be more cautious in order to avoid unnecessary danger and harm.

In most everything, Earth signs can be counted on to provide a logical, reasonable, and objective perspective. It is a simple task for most Earth signs to disregard subjective input and provide a clear view of a situation; the perspective of an Earth sign is incredibly valuable, especially in conflict.


Above all other signs, Earth signs possess a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Regardless of their careers or passions, dedication is a defining trait for most Earth signs. You can usually count on an Earth sign to be a hard-worker. When it comes to all kinds of relationships, Earth signs are reliable and consistent, always willing to be there when it matters most.


As with being grounded, Earth signs also embody the often-immovable nature of earth. Though stubbornness may be considered a negative trait, for Earth signs, it reflects on how dedicated they are to their core values and priorities. Earth signs are generally unwavering when it comes to what they believe in and want to achieve. They may be wary of change and resist compromise at times, but Earth signs often just want to follow their hearts and choose the best path for themselves.


Though Earth signs tend to appear stoic, stable, and even passive, they are also keen on the pleasures found in life. From delicious food and fine wine to luxurious amenities, Earth signs are often motivated by the finer things in life. It is rare for an Earth sign to slip into absolute materialism given their level-headed dispositions, but they must temper their desires at times to keep themselves grounded in reality.

What Does It Mean to Be An Air Sign?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/02/20

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Most of us are familiar with the twelve zodiac signs—or, at the very least, we know our own. There are many features of the signs that pertain to personality, behaviors, relationships, and more. The elemental aspect of the zodiac signs are intriguing, but many individuals may not know or understand what the four elements have to do with their zodiac sign.

The air signs consist of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While these signs occur at different points throughout the year, the air sign ties them together.

Intelligent, Rational, Insightful

A common trait among Air signs is a natural intelligence as well as an inclination toward logical reasoning. In some circles, Air signs are considered to be distant or detached, and while they generally can separate themselves from their emotions in order to make decisions or judgements, that does not mean they are unfeeling.

Introversion is also common among Air signs, as they are more inclined to be introspective and self-satisfied.

Free-Spirited & Philosophical

Air signs tend to follow their hearts and hate to be under anyone else’s thumb. They consider broad, intellectual topics in pursuit of their goals and purpose rather than seeking the opinions of others.

Natural Communicators

Perhaps because air is essential for verbal communication, Air signs are known to be natural communicators. This presents in different ways for each of the signs, but generally speaking, Air signs are open-minded, charismatic, and easygoing, making them excellent conversationalists. Communication styles across the Air signs may vary, however.


In communication, Geminis are keen on noticing small details, and they are very proficient in individual conversations, excelling at one-on-one communication. Geminis are likely to earn the title of “social butterfly” because they are so adept at connecting with others regardless of differences.


One of the most prominent driving forces for Libras is the desire for peace and harmony. As communicators, Libras often adopt a diplomatic role, seeking all sides of a story, and they devote their energy to making fair, informed decisions.


A skillful connector, Aquarians are skilled at bringing people together. As individuals, they are bold and unique, and they do not mind standing out; in that regard, Aquarians are comfortable in the spotlight and are natural leaders who are great at uniting others.

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 06/03/20

As the weather in the northern hemisphere begins to warm up, we are gradually approaching the official start of summer: the summer solstice. This year, it falls on Saturday, June 20. During the solstice, the northern hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year. Just as the winter solstice presents a time ideal for self-reflection, the summer solstice provides an opportunity for celebration and self-recognition.

Global Celebrations

Around the world and throughout history, many cultures have and continue to celebrate the solstice in different ways. Ancient Egyptians recognized the solstice as the start of a new year because, shortly after its arrival, the Nile would flood, resulting in more fertile ground for agriculture. In ancient Greece, similar attitudes were held during the festival of Kronia which celebrated the god of agriculture as they prayed for prosperity and abundance.

In Europe, people still gather at Stonehenge at dawn to celebrate the arrival of the solstice. Another ongoing tradition involves the lighting of bonfires to honor the sun. Native Americans, namely the Sioux, continue to celebrate the solstice with traditional dances and other rituals.

How to Celebrate

You don’t need to travel across the world or make significant plans to celebrate the summer solstice, but you can take inspiration from other cultures. Waking up at or before dawn may help you get in the spirit, welcoming in the day at its very start. If the weather is nice, spend time in the sun as the day progresses; after all, the solstice is the mark that winter has finally receded, and it is a time of life and joy.

You may choose to draw on ancient traditions and start a garden on the solstice, strengthening your connection to the sun and the earth at once. Sitting around a fire with family or friends, when possible, is also a great way to embrace the warmth of the season, the celebratory spirit, and the things that bring you joy.

At the heart of summer solstice celebrations is hope and love; for many, summer presents a time of relaxation, rest, and simple pleasure, and the solstice is the perfect time to acknowledge what it is you love and cherish about your life. However you choose to celebrate the solstice, embrace what is important to you and what you love about yourself in honor of the arrival of summer.

Easing Anxiety with Gemstones and Meditation

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 05/01/20

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We are undeniably living in stressful and uncertain times. Even without these strange circumstances, the stress of daily life can be overwhelming. There are many ways you can try to alleviate your stress and anxiety, and for those looking for a spiritual connection or a daily practice to help, meditating with gemstones could be your answer.


For some people, meditation isn’t intuitive. With practice, however, it can not only be a simple ritual, it can also benefit the individual on a physical and emotional level. There are two fundamental elements of meditation that can help alleviate anxiety. The first deals with the physical side of things and how you breathe. Meditation encourages individuals to level their breathing, inhale fully, and release tension from the body. In this way, meditation can help individuals recover from the physical manifestation of anxiety in the form of tense muscles, rapid heart rate, and more.

Meditation also encourages individuals to live in the moment. Those experiencing anxiety may find themselves dwelling on the past or worrying about the future; through meditation, they may find it easier to simply acknowledge the present and work through their stress.

Meditating with gemstones can also help guide your practice and promote further healing.


A popular gemstone, amethyst promotes balance and positivity. In some ways, it can be universally healing. Amethyst helps individuals balance their emotions and focus on the positives.

Rose Quartz

This stone is often associated with love. When dealing with anxiety, self-love is important, and while it can be difficult to take care of yourself, rose quartz can help remind and guide you toward a positive approach to daily life. Like amethyst, rose quartz can also be helpful for achieving balance. 


Regarded as a protective stone, shungite has been used in various cultures for many years. While dispelling negativity, shungite also attracts feelings of serenity. Those who are dealing with anxious feelings may also feel listless or drained; shungite can help boost an individual’s energy and keep them calm at the same time.


Another balancing stone, rhodonite is useful for dismissing anxiety and promoting a sense of stability. Meditating with rhodonite may help individuals feel more at peace and in control of their emotions.