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The Magic of Tea Leaf Divination

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 12/02/20

From palmistry to tarot, divination is a popular subject of pop culture and spiritualists alike. Of the forms of divination, tea leaf reading, also known as tasseomancy, is one of the youngest and most compelling.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. Learning how to read tea leaves takes time and patience, but it is an exciting practice that can give you a new perspective on your life.

What You Need

In order to read tea leaves, there are four essential items you will need. These include a tea cup, a saucer, loose leaf tea, and hot water. The tea cup’s shape is better for readings than a mug, and the loose leaf tea should be coarse; taking leaves from a tea bag will not give the same results as the leaves are too fine.

How to Conduct a Reading

The process of reading tea leaves can be simple. In your teacup, place a teaspoon of loose tea leaves, then pour boiling water over the leaves and let the brew steep for a few minutes. Then, drink your tea until there is only one or two sips remaining. Taking the handle of the tea cup in your left hand, swirl the remaining liquid and leaves clockwise. After laying a napkin on the saucer, you will place the cup upside down to allow the leftover liquid to drain. You can then flip the cup and look at the placement of leaves within.

Setting intentions through meditation before and during the reading and empowering the components of this practice with the use of crystals, incense, or the light of a full moon are ways to bolster the practice with magic and clarity.

Understanding Symbols

Reading tea leaves often entails identifying symbols within clumps of leaves. Like with other forms of divination, tea leaf readings rely heavily on the reader’s intuition. The positioning of leaves and symbols can also be significant; leaves closer to the rim of the cup tend to reference the present or near future for the querent while leaves on the bottom of the cup may refer to events that will occur in the distant future.

Identifying the symbols in tea leaves may not come naturally, so knowing what to look for ahead of time can make the process easier. Common symbols to be found in tea leaves include circles, dots, lines, geometric shapes, animals, and other natural or manmade motifs. Simpler shapes like circles, dots, and lines can represent endings or cycles, money or abundance, and opportunities respectively, so their juxtaposition to other symbols can be especially significant.

As with other intuitive activities, tea leaf reading relies heavily on the reader’s own subconscious ideals and beliefs, so keep that in mind when looking to uncover meaning in the symbols you find.

How to Make the Most of a Blue Moon

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 10/30/20

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This year, October is host to two full moons. When this phenomenon happens, the second full moon is referred to as a blue moon. In astrology, full moons are powerful times, and a blue moon is especially noteworthy. Making an effort to utilize the energy of the blue moon can entail various activities and practices while the moon is visible.

This year, October’s blue moon falls on Halloween, or Samhain, and it will be the first blue moon visible in every time zone since 1944, making it extra special. Such visibility will not happen again until 2077, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Here are a few ways you can make the most of this blue moon.

Release and Heal

This year has presented unprecedented difficulties for many of us, and as plenty of people have pointed out, much of the chaos stateside began around a full moon in mid-March. While this blue moon won’t undo the events of this year, it presents an excellent opportunity to release unnecessary tension, resolve unaddressed stress, and heal from the negativity.

Embrace Change

Based on the position of Uranus in relation to the moon at this time, change will be imminent, even if we don’t want to face it. While change can seem chaotic or disruptive, it’s important to recognize how beneficial change can be, especially during a year full of turmoil. Embracing a lack of control and submitting to the will of the universe is easier said than done, but doing so could allow you to benefit as the year draws closer to its end.

Wrap Things Up

As with all full moons, the blue moon presents a great opportunity to finish projects and reflect on the events of the preceding moon cycle. It is often advised that you avoid starting new things during a full moon; the blue moon in particular tends to radiate energy that is better attuned to letting go than taking hold. 

There is no one right way to celebrate a Halloween blue moon. Trusting in the nature of the full moon, especially during these times, and committing to the processes of healing and change can help us approach the end of the year with positivity, productivity, and hope.

What Does It Mean to Be A Water Sign?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 10/06/20

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Having discussed the common characteristics of the other elemental zodiac signs, we now turn to the Water signs. Often painted as the most emotional signs, Water signs tend to embrace many features of their namesake element; they can be soothing and gentle, as they are usually attuned to the emotional states of others. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio comprise the Water signs, and while they do share some common traits, each sign boasts idiosyncrasies that make them unique.

Emotional Connection

The Water signs get a bad reputation for being overly emotional, and while it would be an injustice to categorize all Water signs as dramatic or sensitive, most Water signs are very much in tune with their emotions as well as the feelings of others. Naturally, this intense empathy and introspection can be exhausting and overwhelming, leading to a brooding inclination for these signs.

Open-Minded and Equitable

Because Water signs are so attuned to others’ emotions, they tend to be highly compassionate and understanding. When addressing a problem or overseeing a discussion, Water signs are usually able to see various perspectives and tackle the issue more objectively in order to conceive and implement a solution that benefits everyone.


Stemming from their emotional attraction, Water signs are often driven by a desire for inclusion and kinship. Much of their satisfaction in life comes from other people. Making their friends and family happy comes naturally to most Water signs, and doing so also brings them great joy.


The high emotional intelligence Cancer signs possess is utilized to pursue security for themselves and their loved ones, and they are also natural caretakers with strong protective instincts and a deep-seated instinct to nurture and preserve that which they love.


As the most emotionally-volatile of the Water signs, Scorpios tend to run hot, boasting energy and passion that rivals the Fire signs. These signs are prone to following their gut instincts, and if they are hurt or betrayed, they are not slow to retaliate. 


Empathy resides in the hearts of most Water signs but especially for Pisces signs. Prone to indecision and fluctuation like the tides, Pisces can be hesitant to commit. Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces are considered to be among the most creative and intuitive.

What Does It Mean to Be A Fire Sign?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 09/04/20

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Much like Air and Earth signs, Fire signs are comparable to their namesake, with their unparalleled emotional intensity and wild sides. Of the elemental signs, Fire signs are the most difficult to pin down, but they tend to share common traits like passion and creativity with one another.


A defining trait of most Fire signs is that of passion. Much like the element of fire, Fire signs burn bright with excitement and enthusiasm, notably when they are dealing with something that interests or inspires them. Along with this passionate disposition comes a tendency to come across as large-than-life with intimidating yet enticing outbursts that reflect their passions.


Another common trait among Fire signs is their superior instincts. Detecting opportunity as well as danger is natural for Fire signs; while their instincts may lead them astray from time to time, they are usually spot-on and will guide Fire signs in the right directions.


Fire may have a reputation for being bright and destructive, but another crucial aspect of the element is the warmth and security it provides. In a similar way, Fire signs tend to be incredibly  compassionate and caring. They will often go out of their ways to make their loved ones happy, and in turn, those they care about tend to feel safe and content when around their Fire sign friends.


One thing that most, if not all, Fire signs value is independence. Because they are so self-driven and guided by their passions, Fire signs loathe the idea of being told what to do, and being micromanaged in any environment can result in irritation or detachment as a result. Fire signs will reject certain styles of leadership and relationships because of a clash of personality or the perceived infringement of their freedoms; when working with a Fire sign, it is often best to trust them and leave them to their own devices rather than stick a hand directly into the flames, so to speak.

Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

While Fire signs tend to share the traits described here, each sign also possesses its own idiosyncrasies. Individuals with their sun in Aries, the cardinal zodiac sign, tend to be more assertive, even aggressive, and combative than their fiery counterparts. They also resist backing down and are the true go-getters of the zodiac.

Comparatively, Leos are often more creative than the other Fire signs, but they are also rock-steady in their beliefs and values. Leos typically possess a more artistic or romantic perspective of life.

While those who claim Sagittarius as their Sun sign certainly share the passion and drive of the other Fire signs, they are considerably less rigid in their goals and interests. These individuals aspire to experience new things, expand their horizons, and follow whatever opportunistic path opens up to them.

What Does It Mean to Be An Earth Sign?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/29/20

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While we highlighted the unique, free-spirited nature of Air signs last month, now we turn to their opposite: the Earth signs. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo make up the Earth signs, and though each sign possesses unique traits, they are connected through some shared features and values.

Grounded & Stable

As the title might suggest, Earth signs are generally grounded, stable, and level-headed individuals. Individuals who are Earth signs tend to prioritize safety and security over thrill, so they are often opposed to risky, impulsive behavior. That is not to say that Earth signs cannot be spontaneous, just that they prefer to be more cautious in order to avoid unnecessary danger and harm.

In most everything, Earth signs can be counted on to provide a logical, reasonable, and objective perspective. It is a simple task for most Earth signs to disregard subjective input and provide a clear view of a situation; the perspective of an Earth sign is incredibly valuable, especially in conflict.


Above all other signs, Earth signs possess a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Regardless of their careers or passions, dedication is a defining trait for most Earth signs. You can usually count on an Earth sign to be a hard-worker. When it comes to all kinds of relationships, Earth signs are reliable and consistent, always willing to be there when it matters most.


As with being grounded, Earth signs also embody the often-immovable nature of earth. Though stubbornness may be considered a negative trait, for Earth signs, it reflects on how dedicated they are to their core values and priorities. Earth signs are generally unwavering when it comes to what they believe in and want to achieve. They may be wary of change and resist compromise at times, but Earth signs often just want to follow their hearts and choose the best path for themselves.


Though Earth signs tend to appear stoic, stable, and even passive, they are also keen on the pleasures found in life. From delicious food and fine wine to luxurious amenities, Earth signs are often motivated by the finer things in life. It is rare for an Earth sign to slip into absolute materialism given their level-headed dispositions, but they must temper their desires at times to keep themselves grounded in reality.