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What the Winter Solstice Means for You

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 11/18/19

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For millennia, cultures have honored the arrival of the winter solstice with feasts and celebrations. The winter solstice signals the beginning of astronomical winter, and it brings with it the shortest day and longest night of the year. Ancient traditions often involved lighting fires to ward off evil entities and provide warmth. Following the solstice, the days gradually begin to grow longer as spring draws near.

For many, the winter solstice bears spiritual significance, and it can serve as a great time of reflection.


One of the most distinguishing characteristics of any solstice or equinox is its relation to change. The winter solstice serves as the turning point from autumn to winter. Change is a neutral force that can be positive or negative in different circumstances. Though the shift to winter may feel detrimental, it is a necessary shift for the health of the world, and understanding that difficult transitions can be productive in your own life can be reflected in this understanding.

Patience & Endurance

The presence of the winter solstice indicates a promise of cold months ahead as winter arrives in full force. This means colder temperatures, harsher weather, and a slow increase of daily sunlight that can be taxing. With the winter solstice, it becomes important to acknowledge the necessity of patience, especially during difficult times. As winter officially begins, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge that their ability to survive the winter comes with a reward: the arrival of spring.


Cold, dark months provide the perfect environment for introspection. As there is limited incentive to venture outside or embark on new journeys for most individuals, the winter solstice can indicate the start of a period that encourages reflection, intuition, and personal growth. Winter can bring silence and peace, lending itself to an ideal atmosphere for reflection on the path as well as ideation regarding the future.


At the end of each winter comes spring. At the end of each night comes dawn. This pattern begins with the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. At this point in the cycle, it is important to remember what lies ahead in order to weather the challenges that await. The winter solstice can serve as a reminder that hope is an essential ingredient when it comes to survival and prosperity.