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Two Full Moons Ahead and What They Mean

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 03/19/20

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As we have discussed a few times already, the full moon that occurs each month can share some valuable insights into how you might conduct yourself or what you might focus on. Its energy shifts throughout the month along with its phases, and the full moon in particular can serve as a guiding force for your life as it transitions through the year.

Here, we’ll look ahead toward the heart of spring and the start of summer for hope and inspiration. 

May: The Flower Moon

By the time the May full moon comes around, the spring season is well underway. It is in May that the temperature has generally increased and the lingering frosts are diminishing. The Flower Moon, then, is representative of an ideal time to plant crops or flowers, making it a symbol of fertility and opportunity.

In your own life, the Flower Moon can present an ideal time to plan for the future. Think about what you want to accomplish, how you can reach your goals, and what obstacles you may encounter. Like with planting flowers, planning for your future may not be straightforward, so taking this time to consider your path and determine the best course of action for your life is wise. 

Another potential interpretation of the Flower Moon entails accepting proposals or opportunities. Because this full moon represents a period of growth, prosperity, and potential, you may do well to embrace exciting propositions that come your way.

June: The Strawberry Moon

The name of the June full moon is one of the only ones that was universal across the Algonquin Native American tribes. Strictly speaking, the name refers to the strawberry picking season, and around the time of the June full moon, the season will be in its peak.

Even for those who don’t undertake the task of picking strawberries, this full moon can hold great significance. It is around this time that you should consider what you have been working towards, the success you’ve had, and whether it’s time to reap the rewards of your progress. You may find, of course, that your work is not finished; even so, the Strawberry Moon offers an opportunity to reflect and grow. If you still have room to improve or areas of growth to focus on, you can still acknowledge your progress to this point and proceed from there, a process that is reflective of the strawberry harvest.

The Strawberry Moon also presents a time of honesty and forthrightness. Allowing fear, doubt, and lies to rule your life will only result in negativity, so this full moon offers a chance for you to change your ways and proceed on a better path.