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Three Full Moons Ahead and What They Mean for You

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 12/19/19

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As discussed in a previous post, the moon goes through phases as it travels around the earth, and in these phases, its energy varies. When the moon is full, you may find that it is time to reflect and make positive changes in your life. Each month that the full moon occurs bears a different name and significance.

Throughout the year, the moon can pass along different messages and motivations for you to take into consideration as the months pass. Below, we’ll discuss three upcoming full moons and what they mean for you.

February: The Snow Moon

In February, Winter is well under way, and as the name suggests, it is in February that the snowfall is often the greatest. In some tribes, the February full moon was also known as the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions that came with the bitter cold and oppressive weather. 

During the February full moon, it is wise to reflect on your current situation and assess your status. Identify any physical, emotional, or interpersonal issues; February may not be the right time to solve such problems, but it presents an opportunity to lie low, take a breath, and carefully consider your options. Rather than overexerting yourself in February, it is best to reserve your energy for a later time.

March: The Worm Moon

Known by Christian settlers as the last full moon of Winter, the Worm Moon signifies rebirth. When the snow begins to melt and the ground begins to soften, earthworms are able to emerge from the soil once again. With the reemergence of earthworms comes the return of birds like robins, welcoming in the Spring.

Though the weather may still feel like Winter, the March full moon presents an excellent time to renew yourself. Taking time to stretch, clean, and partake in activities beyond the home are all great ideas for the Worm Moon. This full moon represents a slow, steady awakening, so it is important to pace yourself as you embark on new journeys or start new tasks.

April: The Pink Moon

As flowers begin to bloom, the Pink Moon represents the true beginning of Spring. It is called the Pink Moon in honor of phlox, a kind of pink moss that begins to grow early in the season.

The April full moon has been used for gardening and farming, and in a similar fashion, it can be used to guide your life. During the Pink Moon, you may want to start something exciting and new, from a relationship to a project. Like with flowers and crops, it is important to tend to these seedlings to the best of your ability as the year progresses, but the full moon in April presents an ideal time to take risks and seize opportunities as they come your way.