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Stones for Aries Energy

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 03/05/21


Aries is well-known for being the first of the fire signs to have very high-frequency energy. When the sun aligns with Aries, you can expect to come across Aries’ positive and negative points. As an Aries, wearing your birthstone or having crystals for Aries around you can bring you great blessings. Here are a few stones that can help boost your energy as Aries no matter what season it may be.


This light blue stone is full of soothing energy that is a perfect match for Aries fire element. When you find yourself overwhelmed or upset Aquamarine can help calm you and balance your energies. This stone is also known for helping those who suffer from anxieties and scattered minds. Wearing Aquamarine pieces of jewelry will help you feel confident and honest with yourself. Having a clear mind is very important for Aries.


One of Aries’ most favorite stones is the Bloodstone since it is linked to birth and life. The stone is worn by many to help push more excellent health, wealth, and longevity. If you’re going through hardships and obstacles, carry a Bloodstone with you at all times to help with your decision-making. Wearing this stone as an Aries can help bring out your natural bold and courageous self that you don’t always show. 


The stones yellow, red and orange spots represent the colors of fire. If Aries is looking for an increase in their energy levels, then Carnelian is the perfect stone. It takes away any negative energy and converts it to positive energy to help balance your mind. Carnelian doesn’t always have to be on your at all times but placement is very important. Placing it in your home or bedroom entrance can help protect you from destructive thoughts and anxieties. Putting the stone under your pillow can help with better dreams and fewer nightmares, but it could keep you up all night and restless since it is a high-energy stone.


It can be effortless for Aries to get lost in their daily routine, but Amethyst can help anyone feel overworked and need a balance. The beautiful crystal is full of powerful healing that can work with the vital energy of Aries. Amethyst can help boost creativity and help Aries tackle new pursuits in life. Try wearing this stone daily to help you stay on the right track when reaching new heights.