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Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for a Virgo

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 07/26/19

Born at the tail-end of summer, those with a Virgo Sun sign are often more down-to-earth than the other summer signs. This is a fitting description as those born between August 22 and September 22 are, in fact, Earth signs.

Virgos are often analytical and critical of the world around them, and they aspire to make their ideal visions of their lives come true. However, Virgos often face deep internal conflict, as they are prone to dissatisfaction when they recognize that their dreams cannot match reality.

It can be difficult for Virgos to desire order when surrounded by chaos, and this challenge can cause great stress for them. The gemstones described below can help Virgos manage this discord, ground themselves, and achieve their goals.

Green Jade

As Virgo’s birthstone, green jade is undoubtedly the best option for those with this Sun sign. Promoting harmony, attracting positivity, and summoning healing energy are just a few of the powerful properties this stone can exhibit.

Moss Agate

With an earthy appearance and name, Moss Agate is ideal for Virgos. This stone is geared toward both new beginnings and radical change, two ideals which are close to the heart of most Virgos. Using this stone to channel positive thoughts about the future can help Virgos conceptualize how they can make those changes happen.


Because Virgos tend to become withdrawn and internalize their concerns, Fluorite is useful in dispelling negative energy. This stone can also help Virgos better understand their own emotions and, in turn, aid in spiritual growth.

Green Aventurine

Virgos may be something level-headed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t become heated when dealing with their passions. Though this drive is part of what makes Virgos so powerful and influential, heightened emotions can be draining. Green Aventurine is a soothing stone that can help Virgos calm down when their emotions run too high. It can also help Virgos take time away from their thoughts and simply relax.


When consumed by thoughts of idealism and perfection, Virgos can become preoccupied by these ideas and fail to account for other essential aspects of their lives. Amazonite can help Virgos achieve balance and better manage their thoughts, emotions, and everyday lives.