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Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals for a Cancer

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 06/19/19

Those with a Sun sign in Cancer are born between June 21 and July 22. Cancer is a Water sign that is ruled by the Moon.

Cancers are dynamic and contradictory. Don’t let their rampant energy fool you; they are also full of love and kindness. Cancer signs are trustworthy friends, passionate lovers, and realistic individuals. They are also prone to fluctuation and feelings of instability.

Balancing your Cancerian energy is no easy task. Below are a few gemstones that can help Cancers manage their emotions and attain peace.


Connected to the Moon, Cancers should naturally be drawn to the moonstone. This beautiful stone can help encourage self-reflection and intuition. For the emotional Cancer, this stone can supply a needed outlet for introspection.

Rose Quartz

As kindhearted individuals, Cancers are often found to wear their hearts on their sleeves. This stone is soothing and encourages self-love in addition to the love that tends to radiate out from Cancers. Rose quartz can be used as an amplifier for Cancers’ love.


As one of the conventional birthstones of July, rubies are well known to be associated with Cancer, but they can provide a host of benefits, as well. For Cancers craving stability, rubies can help ground them. Like Cancers, rubies are dynamic; also associated with passion and ambition, rubies can help Cancers follow their hearts and achieve their dreams.

Abalone Shell

As a water sign, Cancer moves like the tide through thoughts and patterns. Abalone shell can help connect Cancers not only to their own emotions but to the emotions of others. This shell promotes open, clear communication between parties, as well as the sharing of emotions and thoughts.


Cancers have a reputation for being sensitive, and while this trait is not a negative one, some individuals find that their emotional reactions actually hold them back. Chrysocolla can help combat this problematic hypersensitivity by desensitizing the Cancer to emotional situations and helping to diffuse existing ones. This stone also promotes healing from the past and moving toward a more positive future.

Agatized Coral

Another connection to the sea agatized coral anchors Cancers and provides additional stability. This stone fosters strength and healing.