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How Will The Eclipse Affect Our Moods?

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 08/21/17

An eclipse of the sun is not merely something one witnesses. It is an immersive experience that strongly affects our moods. This is particularly evident during the total phase of the eclipse, but the partial phases of an eclipse can also have a strong impact on our mood. In fact, solar eclipses have had strong significance in many ancient spiritual traditions. Here are some impacts that solar eclipses can have on our moods:


As the eclipse approaches totality, the landscape begins to become very different than usual. Shadows begin to have a strange and crescent-like appearance, and the lighting begins to get dimmer. As the landscape begins to change, people tend to experience feelings of excitement.

The sky begins to get extremely dark. The sun is eventually completely blocked by the moon, and this is one of the most dramatic sights to witness. During this time, the excitement builds to a sense of awe.

A Feeling Of Change

Some people feel that the eclipse is able to create feelings of profound change. This is particularly true for those who experience totality. This is even reflected in the depictions of solar eclipses in movies, and eclipses are typically portrayed as occurring during times of significant change.


During the time that the sun becomes completely blotted out by the sun, it can be a bit unsettling. This is true even when an individual is aware that the eclipse is going to occur. The rapid darkening shows us that something as basic as the sun being out during the day is subject to change.


The feeling of fascination tends to be the most powerful during the total phase of the eclipse. While the appearance of the shadows on the ground (and the sun itself through a solar filter) is incredibly fascinating during the partial phase of the eclipse, the total phase of the eclipse shows us a glimpse at the outermost layer of the sun (the corona). This layer of the sun is invisible under normal conditions, and being able to see this new part of the sun creates a sense of indescribable fascination.

A Sense Of Being Alive

A total eclipse brings a certain sense of being fully alive in a way that people don't ordinarily get to feel. Many people feel that this is the most powerful emotion that is triggered by the eclipse.

Strong Presence In The Moment:

This is particularly true at the moment of totality. At this point, one has a strong sense of time slowing down.

When experiencing the eclipse today, be safe, wear your protective eye gear, and allow your body and mind to take in all that nature is sending to you in that moment.