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Four Full Moons Ahead and What They Mean for You

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 10/16/19

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Throughout the year, the moon goes through phases as it circles the earth. Each full moon is known by different names around the world based on individual beliefs and religions. In America, the full moons have been gifted with different names for the month in which they occur by Native Americans who first observed the moon’s cycles millennia ago.

The following names for each month’s full moon are among the most recognizable, and they come from the Algonquin tribe of the North East. When the moon is full, you can draw from its energy and enact positive changes in your life. We’ll begin with this month’s full moon.

October: The Hunter’s Moon

This full moon once indicated a time when hunters could more easily seek out their prey. With autumn being in full effect and animals such as deer and foxes preparing for winter, hunters would have higher success in securing food for themselves.

When this full moon appears, it is a good sign to hone in on your goals and identify your best course of action in achieving it. The Hunter’s Moon presents opportunity and change, reflected by the shifting of the seasons.

November: The Beaver Moon

At this time of year, beavers begin preparing for winter, so setting traps and securing ample fur for the colder months early on in November was an advisable practice.

Before December arrives, this full moon serves as a reminder to take stock of your health and resources. If you have unfinished business or find that you lack something important, now is the time to sort that out.

December: The Cold Moon

Known for long nights and bitter chills, the December full moon served as a reminder that winter was only just beginning, as it often occurs before the winter holidays.

While the Cold Moon can seem harsh, you should use it as a symbol of hope and perseverance. Long, cold nights or other challenges accompany this season, but the days will gradually become longer. This full moon can help you develop a positive, hardy attitude even when your situation appears grim.

January: The Wolf Moon

As the days become longer and brighter, wolves tend to renew their anxious hunts for food. They are hungry and desperate, and this drive leads them to pursue their prey with vigor and determination.

This full moon can help aid in motivation and ambition. Winter can be mistaken as a time for sloth and survival, but the start of a new year is the best time to begin something new.