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Easing Anxiety with Gemstones and Meditation

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 05/01/20

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We are undeniably living in stressful and uncertain times. Even without these strange circumstances, the stress of daily life can be overwhelming. There are many ways you can try to alleviate your stress and anxiety, and for those looking for a spiritual connection or a daily practice to help, meditating with gemstones could be your answer.


For some people, meditation isn’t intuitive. With practice, however, it can not only be a simple ritual, it can also benefit the individual on a physical and emotional level. There are two fundamental elements of meditation that can help alleviate anxiety. The first deals with the physical side of things and how you breathe. Meditation encourages individuals to level their breathing, inhale fully, and release tension from the body. In this way, meditation can help individuals recover from the physical manifestation of anxiety in the form of tense muscles, rapid heart rate, and more.

Meditation also encourages individuals to live in the moment. Those experiencing anxiety may find themselves dwelling on the past or worrying about the future; through meditation, they may find it easier to simply acknowledge the present and work through their stress.

Meditating with gemstones can also help guide your practice and promote further healing.


A popular gemstone, amethyst promotes balance and positivity. In some ways, it can be universally healing. Amethyst helps individuals balance their emotions and focus on the positives.

Rose Quartz

This stone is often associated with love. When dealing with anxiety, self-love is important, and while it can be difficult to take care of yourself, rose quartz can help remind and guide you toward a positive approach to daily life. Like amethyst, rose quartz can also be helpful for achieving balance. 


Regarded as a protective stone, shungite has been used in various cultures for many years. While dispelling negativity, shungite also attracts feelings of serenity. Those who are dealing with anxious feelings may also feel listless or drained; shungite can help boost an individual’s energy and keep them calm at the same time.


Another balancing stone, rhodonite is useful for dismissing anxiety and promoting a sense of stability. Meditating with rhodonite may help individuals feel more at peace and in control of their emotions.