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Crystals to Power You Through Pisces Season

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 02/20/20

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Partway through the month of February, we shift from the season of Aquarius into the emotional, intuitive season of Pisces. As we enter this time of year, you may feel a bit unsteady or unstable, especially with your emotions. With spring still some ways away, the arrival of Pisces season reminds us that we still have some time to go before the season of rebirth and renewal, so it provides a great opportunity for reflection and reorientation.

Below are a few crystals that may help you thrive this Pisces season.


As a generally positive stone, amethyst is a great addition to any collection. Pisces season presents a time of emotional openness, but being too open can lead to pain, betrayal, and exhaustion. Amethyst provides a protective layer between you and emotional hardship that can help keep you stable and calm throughout this season.


Aquamarine is regarded as a classic choice for Pisces, and its energy certainly suits the star sign. With energy that is both serene and compassionate, aquamarine promotes clarity, spirituality, and healing. For those who feel particularly troubled or unsteady, aquamarine can alleviate tension and serve as a gentle guide through the season.


When the emotional period of Pisces season becomes too much, lepidolite can help with the task of reducing your stress. Its energy is both relaxing and refreshing, and this crystal can help promote positivity and light in your life. Because Pisces season may be challenging for some individuals, a lepidolite crystal may help individuals cope with change, transformation, and acceptance as the season progresses.


In times of emotional upheaval, bloodstone can help keep you grounded. Its energy is one of stability, confidence, and balance. Meditating with bloodstone or keeping it on your person during the Pisces season may help you keep even the most volatile moods in check.


Towards the end of the Pisces season, some individuals may find that the emotionally-rich period between February and March has worn them out. Jade, then, can help restore and rejuvenate individuals who are exhausted or drained. Like the others described above, jade is also a stabilizing stone that can help keep you grounded as the season draws to a close.