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Balance: The Theme of October

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 10/08/15

In September our faith and trust were tested. They were revealed and challenged, expanded and then we were rewarded. Now that we have surrendered to the natural flow, it is time to focus on balance.

A significant area of necessary balance for most is between “doing” and “being.” Most of us have a tendency to do. Focusing on intentions or meditating is still part of the “doing” mode. However, receptivity needs to be 100% if you are going to receive, which you can do only while “being” receptive. It is common to ask spirit helpers for help. We ask for signs and wisdom and then do not allow enough time to receive what we’ve just asked for.

It is difficult to calm your mind and let it enter receptive mode. By nature, our minds want to track everything, know everything and constantly focus on desires and intentions. In the month of October, we have been invited to slow the mind and experience greater balance by allowing ourselves to enter “being” mode. Try to be aware of your transition from “doing” to “being” and back to “doing.”

Even though internal processes do not seem like they would be part of “doing” mode, they actually can be. A way to practice entering “being” mode is to focus on gratitude. Gratitude mental processes are more “being” mode and desire or intention is more of a “doing” mode.

When our lives are out of balance, the end result is the feeling of stress. Most of have too much of one thing and not enough of another. It’s common to fill our plates with tasks or thoughts that are not beneficial to our balance. We have been led to believe that “doing” is the most rewarding form of existence. While “doing” is extremely important and rewarding, the balance of “doing” and “being” can help bring additional clarity into one’s life.

Take the month of October to examine where you have been spinning your wheels. Have you been overextending in a certain area or direction? Is there another area or direction which could use a little more attention?

While reexamining where you expend your energy, you may find that it is time to let go of certain processes. If you find that you don’t want to cut something off because you don’t want to disappoint someone, that is not a good enough reason to hold on to it.