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A New Theme: Gaining Stability In September

by Psychic Readings by Ronn on 09/20/17

The recent solar eclipse had a heavy effect this September.

With a new moon on the horizon, a solar eclipse on the same day, and the even happening late in Leo’s cycle, it wasn’t difficult to feel uneasy and anxious. When many elements like this occur at the same time, our energy, bodies, and minds can be looking for some stability.

September is a wonderful time to regroup as we head into the Fall season - and there are deeper reasons other than constant advertisements for kids going back to school, making us relive our own sense of preparation during this time of the year when we were young.

During the month of September, three astrological signs have a spotlight on them. These three signs are Leo, Virgo, and Libra. All bring different essential qualities and variations in personality, but during this time of their pairing, new themes will be brought to life that tie them all together.

As Leo, Virgo, and Libra signs connect, feelings of personal reflection and relationship building focuses will be highlighted.

To focus on personal reflection and to strengthen relationships, there are many practices that you can follow. Meditation is always essential to feeling clear, and some meditation tips for finding your root chakra can help as you move through the month.

I recently blogged about the practice of finding your root chakra, which you can access here.

Heading into the Fall and Winter months, your energy will also want to shift towards leaving painful elements behind, finding your stability, and moving forward in new adjustments both personally and with others. It’s natural that our bodies want to find stability during this time as the Summer months are much more carefree in spirit. Fall and Winter ground us simply due to weather elements on earth, but it also gives us a chance to work on our disrupted energies.

Moving forward in September, the key will be to recognize what your energies are telling you and to pursue the chance to stabilize any areas that have been effected. If you feel that you have issues within your relationships, there is a cosmic reason why.

And when the cosmos are involved, it is always wise to listen.