Ronn loves connecting with his online audience. To help you connect with Ronn's work, he's put together a few of his most treasured media pieces available online. Enjoy!‚Äč

A Beginners Guide to Crystals

Psychic Readings by Ronn in Birmingham, MI wants to share the healing power of crystals. In Ronn's last video, he discussed agate. Now, let's explain some basic crystals and their benefits; namely Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, and Black Onyx. How can you harness the healing power of crystal therapy?

Finding Your Root Chakra

Ronn Sussberg of Psychic Readings By Ronn introduces the root chakra and explains to ensure your root chakra remains balanced.

Daily Devotion from Psychic Readings by Ronn

Devote yourself. Captivate others. Meditate. Set your intention to lead your heart away from chaos and oblivion, rather, toward opportunity. Learn how to effectively communicate with friends, family, and peers by aspiring to devotion and integrity in all things.


Ronn from Psychic readings by Ronn shares some information about the crystal, Agate. Read more at

Psychic Readings by Ronn Birmingham, MI

Call Ronn today for your psychic reading: Phone: (248) 593-9146 Cell: (248) 631-9322 Email: Homepage: This video tells the story of Psychic Readings by Ronn. Ronn Sussberg is the primary clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic at Psychic Readings by Ronn.

Psychic Readings by Ronn and the Essential Spiritual Objects

Psychic Readings by Ronn wants you know about the Essential Spiritual Objects and how to harness their spiritual energy.

Meditation Music to Boost Energy

There are so many ways to relax and meditate. But to really get the right atmosphere, there are certain types of music and ways of listening that can boost you...

Psychic Readings by Ronn: Balance

Understanding the Balance of nature, spirit, creativity, dreams, and reality will connect you with the powerful vibrating energies of the world.

Get Inspired by the Summer Solstice

In just a few months, the Summer Solstice with reenergize, revitalize, and rejuvenate your creativity and passions. Psychic Readings by Ronn is bringing you so...